December 14, 2016

My vote really doesn’t matter. It legitimately, truly does not matter. Your vote doesn’t matter. Not a single vote matters. All of the energy, the doors knocked, the money raised, the canvassers hired, the ads purchased, the debates held, none of that matters. And if the Electoral College decides to reject trump and vote for another person who was not even on the ballot, our democracy will be in even worse shape than if we chose to respect the severely outdated and unrepresentative electoral college process in the first place. I understand why electors are mobilizing to elect another republican, one that is considered more qualified. I don’t want to see trump in office either. But I also don’t want the democracy that sets the US apart from other countries to be thrown out the window just because a couple of electors think it will be easier to get Congress to vote for another Republican than for the actual candidate that should have won!

I applaud the Gang of 40 that signed the letter asking James Clapper to release the findings on Russian interference. It is imperative that all know what they are walking into. But don’t use that information to choose a person that did not even run for president. The future of this country should not be left to the 538 electors that will determine the next president. It should be left to the voters. And the voters chose Hillary. The Electoral College needs to uphold the vote of the people. If voter turn out was bad this year, imagine what it will be like in future years after our votes are thrown back in our faces? Donors: you can keep your money. GOTV won’t matter anymore.

Respect my vote

I urge the Electoral College to uphold the vote of the people. Preserve the sanctity of our democratic process. Vote Hillary Rodham Clinton into office. US Representatives would be digging their own graves if they choose to accept the unpopular, unqualified, unpresidential person, Donald Trump over the candidate that the vote of the people AND the Electoral College selected.

There is already too much at stake right now. Don’t threaten the future of our democracy. Save it.